guh I love the 3rd gif STOP. NOW. moment so much the set of her angry angry jaw and how raleigh spins sideways to her at the speed of light going from teller-tastic murder eyes to a small head-shake of ‘no babe no the punk’s not worth it’ but he’s NOT physically like puffing up and protecting her or covering her or grabbing her with an open hand of restraint he’s literally nudging gently with the side of his hand like ‘i recommend non-violence at this juncture my sun and stars’ and how Mako’s look off this is like  ???? I KNOW THIS CLOWN TRUST ME HE NEEDS A FIST TO THE THROAT HOW ARE YOU SO CHILL RALEIGH SRSLY MY KNEE HIS NUTS THIS IS NOT MY FIRST RODEO WITH CHUCKLES HERE and chuck god love him is just like ‘fucken bullseye’ and gives the wasp nest one last good kick because he’s chuck and alas it was the wasp nest marked ‘raleigh’s mako feelings’ and well he just got back from tokyo red shoe in hand so yeah chucks head snapping back like a pez dispenser in 3..2..1.. (tags from harrietvane)

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{ museum of natural history - Washington DC }

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Someone brought doggie cupcakes to the dog park….

This is my dog.

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so pretty, so smart, such a waste of her young heart.

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Girls are so fucking attractive

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